“so sick so sick of being tired and oh so tired of being sick”   —taking back sunday

Welllll I caught the flu last week and have been hating life ever since, haha. I don’t get really sick often. Sometimes I’ll wake up with a stuffy nose or feel nauseous, but I don’t get sick like this often, for which I am insanely glad because being sick is the worst thing in the world. Seriously. It royally sucks.

It’s like… sore throat runny nose headache dry mouth coughing fever dehydration and unquenchable thirst and nosebleeds and ugh God the blood. And as if THAT weren’t enough it’s also dry watery eyes and I’m so dehydrated that no amount of water and tea and unsweetened juice and pedialyte makes it feel better. so dry that sometimes i sneeze and the pressure on my nose which is dry, so dry that it starts bleeding and my head hurts and my right ear hurts and i can’t even think sometimes and everything hurts and i’m exhausted but i can’t sleep and

Why am I writing this? Oh, right. Being sick is awful. And I’m really awful when I’m sick. I swear I turn into the biggest baby on the planet when I’m ill.. I just want to cry and be taken care of and what’s worse is that I feel bad for myself and I want other people to feel bad for me and I hate that it’s gross. I’m pathetic when I’m sick and I hate hate hate it and I hope it goes away like three days ago because I’m so over being sad and sick and pathetic and having no energy.

Really the only thing thats worse than being sick like this is knowing that if it lasts much longer my parents will insist that I go to the doctor.

And seeing my doctor is actually the worst thing in the world.

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