“i’ve got a bad feeling about this”    —taking back sunday

I just got home from dropping Ana off at her apartment. On our way there, we suddenly hit maaaajor traffic. At first we wondered if it was just the holiday weekend, but it wasn’t just a lot of cars on the road; it was a lot of barely moving cars on the road. I got this… i dont know. It was a really bad feeling, like something bad had happened, or was about to. I opened up Waze on my phone to try and figure out what was going on, but it wasn’t working. My GPS was having a hard time finding me, which is a problem I’ve been having a lot lately. The same thing happened on Saturday, actually, but then I chalked it up to the fact that I was driving through San Timoteo Canyon and I didnt even have a steady data connection.

So anyway, after fifteen minutes of “finding location,” the GPS still can’t find me and since my location isn’t being reported Waze is refusing to work properly. The map won’t load fully, so I can’t see traffic or accident reports. I started to get frustrated. I quit the app, shut off GPS and start again. Same thing happens. This upsets me more than it should upset any reasonable person. I am literally fighting back angry tears and screams of frustration because it’s not working and it should be working and why isn’t it working (which was bizarre. I didn’t expect to react so strongly to such a non-issue?) Eventually, part of the map loads. My phone still has no idea where the hell I am but I can at least scroll down the 91 and see that several people have reported an accident up ahead. I share my findings with Ana, and we wonder what hapened that would a) be reported on the app as a “minor accident” but still b) cause a good 10 miles of heavy traffic. We hear a siren. We see one and then two firetrucks and an ambulance. We decide that the user who reported it as minor was just wrong, and then notice several new reports of a “major accident” up ahead.

To make a long story short(er), we passed the scene which took up most of the freeway (glass. everywhere.) and made it to her apartment not much longer. She couldn’t find her keys, dropped a plate of food she had packed, said, no, she didn’t need help carrying things up, and told me not to worry because Esther would be around to let her in and to drive safe. She left and i just say in the car for a minute. A couple of not-so-good things had already happened, but i still had that feeling that something was going to go wrong.

I stay the car and still have that feeling. I get in the freeway and still have that feeling. Pandora plays 5 songs related to death and funerals on 3 different stations. I skip all of them and still have that feeling. There’s no traffic on the way home, not even on the other side of the freeway.

I get home I walk inside I lock the door I come upstairs I sit in my bed I wrap myself in a blanket. I still have that feeling.

Maybe I’m just being paranoid? BUT. If something does happen, this is just me saying “I TOLD YOU SO” in advance.

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