peas romaine calm

Sooo…. I complain a lot.

Reading through some (okay, most… okay, all) of these blog posts is honestly pretty painful. I swear I’m not like this in real life! I’m pleasant to be around! I’m a fun person! Or… okay, maybe I’m not a fun person, exactly, but I’m not so (for lack of a better word) sullen, either. At least I don’t think I am.

So here is something that I cannot conceivably tinge with negativity: MY BROTHER (aka my hero) FIXED THE OVEN!!

No more toasting french bread on the stove piece by piece. No more finding clever ways to use the microwave and stove where it would be easier to just use the oven. No more crying over bread/cookie/pie recipes I can never make. No more baking cookies in the waffle iron… okay we might still do this occasionally, but it won’t be because we have no other choice! After nearly a year of a barely functioning (and for the last few months, not-at-all-functioning) oven, I can now bake all the things. I’M SO EXCITED 😁


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